Tog Chöd - Wisdom Sword (Abachi wood)
Tog Chöd - Wisdom Sword (Abachi wood)

Tog Chöd - Wisdom Sword (Abachi wood)

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This sword was especially created and designed for the Tog Chöd - Wisdom Sword Practice. The sword is manufactured in Germany and is made of Abachi timber, a very light-weight African wood.

In accordance with the Tibetan tradition, there is a special compartment in the handle where you can place a mantra roll which serves as a blessing, a reinforcement of your intention and helps to purify the mind. A blessed mantra roll is already placed inside the compartment of this wisdom sword.

XS Women, Standard Women, Standard Men, XL Men

XS Women 
Length: approx. 77 cm
Weight: approx. 144 g
Item Nr: 10961

Standard Women 
Length: approx. 83 cm
Weight: approx. 155 g
Item Nr: 10959

Standard Men
Length: approx. 86 cm
Weight: approx. 196 g
Item Nr: 10804

XL Men
Length: approx. 95 cm
Weight: approx. 213 g
Item Nr: 10960