The Five Elements, 2nd Edition (English)
The Five Elements, 2nd Edition (English)

The Five Elements, 2nd Edition (English)

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The Five Elements are the base of our existence. They are within and without, they are our bodies and minds, they are our happiness and our suffering. When we know how to balance the elements in our life, we are vibrant, joyful and alive. But out of balance elements means illness, negative emotions and suffering.

This book offers much information about the outer, inner and secret elements so that we know how the elements affect our lives. But the real treasure of this book is the practices that it contains. From Tulku Lobsang we receive the Lu Jong Five Elements Movements, the Kum Nye Massage Five Ways of Touch, and the relaxation positions. We are given highly effective ways to balance the elements and open our bodies and minds in just minutes a day.

Language: English
Softcover, 148 pages, 12.50 x 19.00 cm
ISBN: 978-3-902688-40-8
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