Lu Jong Thangka
Lu Jong Thangka

Lu Jong Thangka

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We are very pleased to present to you the Lu Jong Thangka. This beautiful wall hanging is more than just lovely art. Thangkas are traditionally used as meditational objects, reminding their viewer of the goals of the spiritual path and the blessings of the beings that have traveled the path before us.

Created in the traditional Tibetan style, this Lu Jong Thangka features our own precious teacher, Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche. It is through him that we have received the ancient transmission of Lu Jong. Rooted in Tibetan Medicine and Tantrayana Buddhism, Lu Jong is a movement practice developed for healing, balancing and energizing. This Thangka features the 23 movements of the fundamental practice, including: The Five Elements Movements, The Five Body Parts Movements, The Five Vital Organ Movements, The Six Conditions Movements and the Two Movements for Sleep and Wakefulness.

This Lu Jong Thangka is beautiful motivation for our own practice and for the generation of gratitude toward our precious teacher who has given this practice to us so that we may be healthy and happy and progress on our spiritual journey. It also communicates the lineage and preciousness of Lu Jong to our students when we display it at Lu Jong teachings.

This Thangka is a printed replica from the original painting.
Dimensions: approx. 88 x140 cm
Weight: approx. 1kg
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