Tog Chöd: The Wisdom Sword DVDs

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Based on the famous Tibetan meditation techniques of the Yaman dances, in conjunction with the movements of the Kalachakra, Tulku Lobsang has developed the powerful Tog Chöd technique. Tog Chöd, the Wisdom Sword practice, is a combination of body postures, movements and visualizations. This meditative practice empowers us to reduce our fears and expectations, dissolve our mental imprints and overcome our negative emotions. This is because with Tog Chöd, you learn to cut through your thoughts. In this way, we can sever our attachments to concepts such as truth and fear. Doing this enables us to prevent our thoughts from needlessly wandering into the past or the future, so that we may live in the present moment.

This DVD set includes two parts:

  1. Tog Chöd Documentary ""Cutting Through“ (approx. 22 min.)
    This is an introduction to Tog Chöd, the Wisdom Sword Practice. It includes an introduction and commentary with Tulku Lobsang, interviews with students of the Tog Chöd Retreat in Portugal in 2009 and interviews with Dr. Rui Pimenta about the effects and impact of the Tog Chöd practice.
  2. Tog Chöd Practice DVD (approx. 27 min.)
    Movements are shown by Tulku Lobsang and his students. Movements are presented in complete form and in slow motion, and also from different angles when necessary, in order to offer a better perspective to study the forms.

Total Time: 49 min
Language: English
Subtitles: English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Dutch
Format: PAL (Europe)
Weight: 110 g
ISBN: 978-3-902688-10-1
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