Gang Gyok - Tibetan Running Technique DVD

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GANG GYOK - Tibetan Running Technique

Gang Gyok is a powerful Tantrayana Buddhist method for running and walking swiftly, with endless energy and vitality. Tibetan yogi masters have used this legendary “Fast Feet” practice for centuries to travel very far distances in a very short time without losing energy. One of the many Tibetan movement practices taught by Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche, Gang Gyok can help you develop better speed, stamina and explosive power, as well as a calm and happy mind. Everyone can use the Gang Gyok technique.

In this DVD, Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche teaches us how to run or walk using this special Gang Gyok technique. We learn how to produce high quality water, care for our food, and special techniques for holding our breath and spreading it throughout the body. We learn to develop mental power through visualization and mindfulness. This combination not only generates energy, but also cultivates robust health, a calm, clear mind, and overall happiness.

Total Time: 72 min
Language: English (Subtitles: German, Spanish and Portuguese)
Format: PAL (Europe)
Weight: 100 g
Item Nr: 10358
Includes: DVD and an instruction booklet in English.

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