Drunk on Beliefs - Audiobook (English)

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This audiobook provides the opportunity for shifts in perspective that can easily serve as a catalyst for profound changes in one‘s life. The inspiration for this book came from the multitude of problems that are so prevalent in this modern world. The widely held assumption that one‘s beliefs are the final and only truth is a main cause of problems in this 21st century. Tulku Lobsang asks us to consider how our beliefs in origins, truth, beauty, love and happiness may be obstacles that lead to suffering.

In this audiobook, Tulku Lobsang offers examples of what it means to include the Buddhist philosophy in our daily life. With the simple logic and illustrations given by Tulku Lobsang, one can take a fresh look at the everyday assumptions that shape our lives, and in this way recreate it.

The narrator, Farrah Garan, is the book‘s English editor and a longtime student of Tulku Lobsang. Her soft, melodic voice complements the simplicity of the text, making it an easy audiobook to listen to while walking, driving, or relaxing.

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